Dealer Tuning Kit - OBD

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Dealer Tuning Kit - OBD

Alientech Kessv2 Sedox Slave Hardware
Car&Bike Protocols
Annual subscription for protocols
Power adapter
USB cable
144300KCAN (OBD cable)
144300K201 (Universal 5-wire cable for non-standard OBD)
100 Sedox Tuning Credits (10 remaps)

Note: For some specific models or vehicle types, you will have to purchase a corresponding cable set.

Alientech KessV2 tool in our Tuning Kit is for OBD programming only.

OBD is the vehicles' diagnostic plug and OBD is the easiest way to tune a vehicle.

Simply stabilize the power of the vehicle with a good power supply, connect the tool to the OBD plug and read and write the car's ECU.

To find out which vehicles you can tune over OBD with KessV2 Tool CLICK HERE

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