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Metcal MX-5210 Soldering and Rework System

Metcal MX-5210 Soldering and Rework System

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The MX-5210 offers users an ergonomic hand-piece for soldering and rework with hundreds of tip geometries to address the widest range of applications.

NOTE: METCAL System comes without tips and those have to be purchased separately!



MX-5210 Soldering and Rework System

The MX-5210 is configured with the Metcal Advanced™ Hand-piece. This system is highly effective for soldering applications including: lead-free, high mass components or boards, thermally sensitive components requiring low operating temperature, high volume production soldering and touch-up soldering operations. For these applications, STTC Series soldering cartridges are offered in dozens of geometries and sizes.


In addition, the MX-5200 can be used for conduction rework of SMDs when using SMTC Series soldering cartridges with such geometries as: blade, tunnel and quad styles that provide exact part fit up. Even more, the high power MX-5200 System is ideally suited for quickly and efficiently heating high-mass tips in this range, increasing operator throughput. A variety of SMTC soldering cartridge geometries are available.





MX 5000




Ambient Operating Temperature:

10- 40°C (50°F - 104°F)

Maximum Enclosure Temperature:

55°C (131°F)

Input Line Voltage:

100- 240 VAC, grounded circuit

Input Line Frequency:

50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:

125 Watts

Output Power Maximum:

80 Watts max. Per channel at 22°C

Output Frequency:

13.56 MHzC

Power Cord 3-Wire:

183cm (18/3") SJT

Dimensions w x d x h:

12.1cm x 13.0cm x 23.5cm
(4.8" x 5.1" x 9.3")

Certification / Marking:

cTUVus, CE

Tip-to-Ground Potential:

< 2mV

Tip-to-Ground Resistance:

< 2 ohms

Idle Temperature Stability:

± 1.1°C (2°F) in still air

Hand-piece Cable Length:

L=122cm (48"), burn resistant, ESD safe

Hand-piece Connector:

F connector

Workstand Dimensions w x dx h:

8.6cm x 19.1cm x 8.3cm (3.4" x 7.5" x 3.3")

Weight of the power supply:

7.4 lbs (3.35 kg)

Weight of the workstand:

1.05 lbs (.476 kg




The new MX-5000 Series Soldering and Rework System is the next generation of the trusted Metcal Soldering Systems that will enable you to increase productivity and process control for a wide range of applications with these new features:

More power. With nearly double the power of its predecessor, the MX-5000 time to recovery increases production rates and throughput.

Improved ergonomics. A new Metcal Advanced™ Hand-piece for soldering and rework is carefully designed to decrease operator fatigue and enhance the operator manual dexterity resulting in productivity gains.

Greater process control. SmartHeat® Technology in every MX-5000 means that soldering and rework are always performed at safe, controlled temperatures. Metcal users know that moderate fixed temperatures, where power is varied, provide the best assurance for a well controlled soldering and rework process.


Metcal Gives You Choices

The new MX-5000 Series provides users with a wide range of choices to address conduction soldering and rework processes. At the core of each system is a microprocessor controlled power supply that provides more power, the highest level of precision and advanced user features for greater process control.

Power Supply: Process Feedback and Power

The MX-5000 has a built-in power indication meter with digital display and bar graph that dynamically provides the operator with feedback on the status of the soldering operation. Whether using a large mass rework tip for QFPs or a fine-point soldering tip, the power indication meter is a valuable resource for making consistent, acceptable solder joints.

The system has four mode indications: "Ready Mode": the hand-piece is removed from the workstand, ready for soldering or rework. "Power Mode": the hand-piece's tip is in contact with the load. The power indication meter provides graphical and numeric feedback on the system power output. "Sleep Mode": the hand-piece is at rest in the workstand; power is reduced to the hand-piece. "Powersave Mode": power to the hand-piece is shut off. This programmable feature allows a supervisor to set the desired time to cut off power to the hand-piece.

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