Metcal MX-5251 Soldering, Desoldering and Rework System

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The MX-5210 offers users an ergonomic hand-piece for soldering and rework with hundreds of tip geometries to address the widest range of applications.

Includes the MX-DS1 Desoldering hand-piece designed for through-hole desoldering.

METCAL System comes without tips and those have to be purchased separately!
Desoldering Unit requires shop air for desoldering (Regular compressor with reduction valve will work)!

MX-5251 Package contains:

1 - Dual Port Simultaneous Power Supply (MX-PS5200)
1 - Advanced Hand-Piece w/Soldering & Rework w/Cartridge Removal Pad (MX-H1-AV)
1 - Desoldering Gun Hand-Piece w/Cartridge Removal Pad (MX-DS1)
1 - Workstand for Advanced Hand-Pieces w/Sponge & Brass Pad (MX-W1AV)

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