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For over fifteen years our employee's work has been the number 1 choice for a number of tuning shops worldwide, for what is mainly known as engine tuning, ECU remapping or chip tuning. We call it engine optimization, as this is what we do. Our remapping is not only based on extensive knowledge of the specific car engine it selves but our depth knowledge of the specified ECU software. Because of this extensive knowledge, we do not only provide files for tuning shops, but also consultancy to solve other tuners technical issues.
All our Tuningfiles are made with the base in the engine and that all the engine parts shall still have a secure operation margin and durability after tuning.

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Tuning is all about developing Tuningfiles that utilize the potential in the engine, but at the same time maintain the safety of the engine and give you the best car to drive on a daily basis. Although we do deliver custom files on request, our main focus is driving experience, durability, and delivering files that you can be proud of delivering to your customers.
This we have done for twelve years, and we are confident that you will love our work.

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