How to buy from and

How to order remaps or buy tools?

A. How do I start?

First, you need to create an account. Best is to create account which will be valid on the webshop too.
You can create an account HERE.
After registration, make sure you fill out the all data as billing and shipping addresses and Mobile/SMS number, as this will give you free SMS notification when your files are ready for download.

B. I want to buy tools and equipment

After registration, return to the webshop and browse our selection of tools, equipment, and accessories HERE.
As an authorized dealer of many tuning tools manufacturers, we can provide official protocol, subscription and help you with technical support.

C. I want to order TUNING FILE

Option 1 - Download / read out the original file from the car.
From this website, click on "Upload File" and you will be directed to the databank site.
Log in to the databank site, and upload your original file.
If we have an exact match to your original file, you will get a list of available options for you to buy directly.
If we do not have a match online, we will still be able to make you the file, please follow the steps to upload your file. We will then within an hour make you the new file for you to download.
You will be notified both by email and SMS when the file is ready, and you will not pay anything before you download the new file.

Option 2 - If you have not downloaded the original file from the car, but you have identified the ECU data.
From this website, click on "Upload File" and you will be directed to the databank site.
Normal info that you will need is one or more of the following: ECU Part number, ECU HW Number, ECU SW Number or ECU SW Code. On the top right corner of the site, you will find our search tool. You can search for any information you may have, just insert a space between the search words.
If you then find your file, you can buy and download the file directly by clicking on the project and choosing PURCHASE option next to each version (eg Stage 1, DPF Off etc)
If you can't find your files, please download/read out the file from the car, and follow Option 1 above.

Fill up your Credit Account:
All our customers have the option to prepay into their own credit account, to avoid going through checkout for each file.
Credits have to be purchased from website HERE by clicking on BUY CREDITS button and are needed for purchasing files from the
Credit value is: (10 Credit = 1 Tuning file). You can check all remaps and options prices in our official price list HERE. 
On, under left menu select "Credits" page where you can view all transaction done on your account.

If you are a professional workshop or you want to become a Sedox partner contact us on [email protected] so we can provide a tuning credit discount!

If you have a Slave tool that requires special files, YOU CAN NOT use the files online.
What you then need to do, is to upload the file as described in the Option 1 above and we will make this special file for you. We do not charge anything extra to handle decoding of the slave tool files.

All petrol files on the web are 98 Octane if not otherwise specified. For other files, please send us the original file by upload or email.
If You do not see a car You want to tune in our database, contact us on [email protected]!
Maybe we still did not add the car but have a tuning file for it.
We can also modify tuningfiles for your car's aftermarket mods and make tuning files for seriously moded cars but please arrange this in front via our support email.

Most of our remaps are presented in all available stages and details in our online vehicle remap catalog that is periodically updated with the new models and developments
You can check it HERE or you can download our Sedox App for iOS and Android from corresponding app stores (Apple App Store or Google Play)