How to choose chip tuning tools if you are new in business?

First, let's get through some important facts. There are a few ways to reprogram car's ECU (engine control unit) depending on the car manufacture date, type of ECU etc.

1)Flashing the ECU via the OBD2 communication port
2)Flashing the ECU via a special BDM port that is on the ECU's motherboard
3)Flashing the ECU in boot mode, on the table
4)Soldering the EEPROM out of the ECU and reprogramming it.



Most ECUs from 2000 to 2008 (and many of them even after 2008) are flashable via OBD plug. OBD is a communication port in most cases hidden somewhere under the steering wheel. When using an OBD flashing tool all You need to do is give a stable 12V supply to the car's battery and connect to the car with OBD cable. You read out the ECU and flash the tuning file over the cable. This is the easiest and the fastest way of reprogramming the ECU.


We offer the best and most stable OBD tools on the market today. You can rest assured if you have chosen either CMD Flash OBD, Alientech KessV2 or similar, that you have one of the best tools for OBD in the business. Almost all protocols are available and you only pay the annual subscription for all the updates and new protocols.
We also offer personal OBD programmers for the end-user. They are Alientech Powergate 3+ and Dimsport MyGenius. They both connect to your personal vehicle and can be used to flash only your personal car. With them, you can exchange original and modified files whenever you want, or even change multiple modified files.

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Most ECUs from 2002 to 2008 (and some later) have a special communication port on the motherboard called a BDM port. To access this port You need to take the ECU out of the car and open it. BDM is one of the most stable ways to flash an ECU because the ECU receives a stable 12V power, and can be flashed over and over again. BDM is also used for backup if something goes wrong with the flashing via OBD.


Tools that program via BDM port in our offer are CMD Flash (with BDM plugin), Alientech K-TAG (which also does boot mode) and EVC BDM100. These are the best tools in the world for this job, and they won't let you down. With CMD Flash You also receive a BDM adapter that you can solder on the ECU, but the best and fastest way is to purchase a BDM frame that You can use with BDM adapters and quickly position the BDM probes to the motherboard. No soldering, just glide it up and down. We also have to mention the Piasini Serial Suite tool which also works in the same way (not like conventional BDM, but more like boot mode) but is a little more directed to the Asian market cars and ECU's. This tool can flash some ECUs that nobody else can, but also does support some of the most common ECUs. This is a very good 2nd tool, the same as K-TAG.

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Flashing via „boot mode“ is a procedure of taking the ECU out of the car, and programming it on the table while connecting special cables to the ECU's connector pins. Sometimes You also need to do some soldering, like adding resistors to the motherboard or similar. We can divide the boot mode on old generation boot mode and a new generation boot mode.


Tools that can flash ECUs via BOOT Mode are CMD Flash (with BOOT Mode plugin and hardware), Alientech K-TAG (also used for BDM) and EVC BSL100.
When we are talking about a BOOT mode flashing we are talking about so-called new generation BOOT Mode, and ways of flashing the newest locked ECUs like Bosch EDC17, MED17, Siemens PCR 2.1 etc. Old generation BOOT Mode is rarely used today because most of those ECU's can now be done via OBD.

Also, here again, we need to mention the Piasini Serial Suite which works great for Asian ECUs and some ECUs that can't be done with any other tool  (old generation BOOT Mode). 

Let's just explain what we mean with "old generation boot mode" and "new generation boot mode".

Old generation boot mode is a way to flash older ECUs that can't be done via OBD. Some of them can be done with EEPROM reprogramming but with boot mode, you can avoid that. So, the boot mode itself is made by simply connecting to the ECU connector pins (+12 Volt, 0 Volt, K-line). In some cases, you will also have to open the ECU and add some resistor or activate the ECU with boot pin.

New generation boot mode is mostly made for flashing locked ECUs with the latest generation Tricore processors. These ECUs sometimes can be done via OBD but mostly only up to 2009 manufacturing year. After that the ECU manufacturers have started integrating "Tuning protection" and with it trying to disable flashing of the ECU outside of the factory and authorised dealers. Because of these protections we need to use the new generation boot mode to read/write the ECU, or simply to unlock it for OBD flashing. This is done with taking the ECU out of the car, opening it and connecting to specific pins and contacts on the motherboard. Sometimes soldering of additional resistors is also necessary.

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