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CMD Flash by Flashtec

The Flash tool CMD is one of the best tools on the market. It is particularly suitable for diesel vehicles and is easy and safe to use. The CMD-Flash is a tool which allows you to read and to write ECU data over OBD port.
The big advantage is that the control device is not openene and there is no soldering needed.
With this tool, you are able to flash the most of all European and Korean OBD diesel vehicles. The CMD flash tool is available in the master and slave versions.

Key Features:

- MASTER / SLAVE - Automatic checksums - New families/checksums subscription - Recovery function (you can restart ECU flashing after a programming faliure ) - CMD Flash - WinOLS Connector

Total flexibility via options and plugins

CMD Flash can be used as a OBD flashing tool only or as a BDM or BOOT tool for bench work: OBD (using vehicle diagnostic port)
• flashing via OBD requires connection of the CMD cable to the OBD diagnostic plug
• the car should always receive a stable 12V connection to the battery
• this is the fastest way and most of the cars from 2000-2008 can be done this way

BDM (directly connecting to ECU, older ECU models)
• flashing via BDM port requires opening the ECU and connecting a probe on a BDM communication port that is located on the motherboard of the ECU.
• using the BDM port is the most stable way to flash the ECU because the ECU receives a steady 12V, and can be flashed over and over again
• mainly used on some ecu types that couldn't be done via OBD from 2000-2008 (this plugin is not used much any more, but is required to flash some ECU's)

BOOT MODE (For BOSCH MEDC17 Tricore locked ECUs with tuning protection)
• for all the EDC17 ECUs with the Bosch pads on the board ( like the old EDC16 BDM )
• you just need the new provided EDC17 positioning frame probe, and sometimes some connectors will be required on the front ECU connectors
• Flashtec also provide cables for the ECUs like Mercedes EDC17 (with the pads placed on the other side of the pcb) you don't need to extract the pcb from the case
• mainly used from 2008 on where some cars have the new tuning protection
• this procedure requires flashing the ECU out of the car

What will you receive

• CMD Flash Tool
• 1 USB Cable
• 1 OBD cable
• OBD protocols for cars with checksums (no industrial vehicles)
• Cables, adapters, power supply 110/220V
• Tricore boot interface, mpc004 probe, Mercedes/Volvo boot cable, universal boot cable
• ST10 Boot
• BDM 5xx Motorola + PCB probes tool box

One year free subscription for: - On-line software update
- New Ecus implementation, New checksums implementation
- RSA and SEED/KEY Online SERVER service+

How to use it

Basic procedure steps

1. Install CMD software on your PC
2. Connect CMD Flash tool with the USB cable
3. Connect CMD Flash tool with the OBD cable to your vehicle OBD port
4. Start CMD software and follow desired procedure (read/write)
5. If you are using BDM or BOOT Mode Remove the ecu from the vehicle, open it and position it on the bench
6. Connect CMD to the supplied AC adaptor plug the AC Adaptor to a an electrical outlet.
7. If you are using postitioning frame adapter for BOOT or BDM connect ribbon cable to the adapter or BDM port on the ECU
8. For BOOT mode connect BOOT mode interface provided with the adapter to ECU connector
9. Follow the instruction for specific adapter you are using
10. Start CMD software and follow desired procedure (read/write)
11. Read the encoded file from the ECU.
12. Send the file read to your Master
13. Download and save on your computer the encoded modified file received from your Master.
14. Write the file to the ECU.