Module 54 - Delphi DCM3.7 / AP for PCM Flash

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For Delphi DCM3.7/AP ECUs with SH72513/SH72543/SH72544:

Kia/Hyundai 2.5L CRDI (DCM3.7AP) [RD/WR/CK]
Opel/Chevrolet 2.0L, 2.2L CDTI (DCM3.7) [RD/WR/CK]
SsangYong 2.0L XDI (DCM3.7AP) [RD/WR/CK]
VAG 1.2L TDI (DCM3.7) [RD/WR/CK]
Great Wall 2.0L TD (DCM3.7) [RD/WR/CK]
Haval cars [RD/WR/CK]

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