Module 7 - Ford Transit/Tourneo/Ranger, Land Rover Defender for PCM Flash

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Ford Transit/Tourneo/Ranger, Land Rover Defender

Ford Transit 2007: 2.2L, 2.4L Diesel 85/100/115/140PS (DCU101-108, DCU201-208)
Ford Ranger: 2.5L Duratec (EMS2219) [GB3A]
Reading, writing, checksum correction. 

Ford Transit 2012: 2.2L, 2.4L Diesel 100/125/140/155PS (SID208) 
Land Rover Defender 2012: 2.2L TD4 (SID208))
Ford Ranger: 2.2L, 3.2L Diesel (SID209) [CK4A]
Writing after unlocking in BSL or via OBD ,checksum correction.

Ford Transit 2012: 2.2L Diesel 100/125/140/155PS (SID208/BSL) 
Ford Ranger: 3.2L Diesel (SID209/BSL)

Ford Transit: 2.0L Diesel (SID211) [Unlocked] 
Writing after unlocking via OBD, or in BSL with Module 53, checksum correction.

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